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And So It Begins

Three years ago we were naive teenagers with a love for raving and a passion for music. Now we're naive young adults with a studio built from paperclips, pioneer second hand gear, and determination.

It's been a journey. I learnt to produce. Tom learnt how to DJ. Then I learnt how to DJ and Tom learnt how to produce. It turned out Tom had a flair for production, or as we said at the time 'my man was a fuck load better at production'; fortunately just as Tom found himself teasing dirty basses one by one out the computer, I discovered the double drop which naturally lead into discovering the triple drop.

We went to college with the idea of leaving and becoming DJs. We did, kinda. We finished and moved into a room working too much, eating too little, and drinking. It was great. That's when the tracks started rolling out. Some of them even banged. We needed more though. We had passion but we lacked the hours we needed and we knew it. We regrouped, found a way of working less and getting in the days, weeks, and months we needed to spend playing with and making music to be ready.

Then we entered year 3

Tom went to Uni to study production in pursuit of giving our audience the cleanest sound. I turned my old bedroom into SubUrbanStudios to give us a way of creating a catalogue of mixes from not just us but all the great DJ's we meet. A way for us to capture the fun behind the decks, out of the club with free rain.

The mixes start in two week.

To clawing at our dreams with both hands.

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